Iced Honey Jumble Drop Biscuits

Iced Honey Jumble Drop Biscuits are perfect for the Jewish holiday season and fun to make with kids ahead of the Feast and delicious for breaking the Fast. These delicious bites are also great for any holiday as you can decorate them however you wish so they will be great for Christmas and Halloween tooContinue reading “Iced Honey Jumble Drop Biscuits”

New Year Honey Cupcakes

The Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah marks the New Year and is celebrated with many symbolic foods including honey to to signify the welcoming of a sweet New Year for all. These cupcakes were made in honour of this special time of the year yet are easy to make and will be a wonderful additionContinue reading “New Year Honey Cupcakes”

Orange Honey Baked Custard

Orange Honey Baked Custard is a wonderful easy make ahead dessert for any occasion but especially for the Jewish Festival of Rosh Hashanah to symbolise looking forward to a sweet New Year. Serve simply with fresh fruits, apple compote or as an addition to your other desserts at your celebrations. I must admit The HusbandContinue reading “Orange Honey Baked Custard”

Easy Rosh Hashana Honey Biscuits

Honey Biscuits with a hint of cinnamon and a sprinkle of almonds are the perfect make ahead quick sweet treat as part of a celebration table for the Jewish Festival of Rosh Hashana. On festive occasions we all need some go to simple recipes that are reassuringly traditional and ready for the unexpected guest, hungryContinue reading “Easy Rosh Hashana Honey Biscuits”

Double Chocolate Strawberry Dip Cupcakes

These majestic Double Chocolate Strawberry Dipped Cupcakes were made as a special treat for my niece who adores everything chocolate with a serving of strawberries. I am happy to report she loved them and if you like this combo you will too! As always no degree of difficulty in my recipes but a little attentionContinue reading “Double Chocolate Strawberry Dip Cupcakes”

Passion Fruit Cream Sandwich Cake

My Passion Fruit Sandwich Cake is the perfect Sunday teatime treat or indulgent alternative dessert. Generously filled with passion fruit curd and mascarpone whipped cream and topped with more of the same I call it my Porn Star Martini Cake when served with a glass of fizz! Using the simplest all in one method andContinue reading “Passion Fruit Cream Sandwich Cake”

Everything But The Bagel Dip

Everything But The Bagel Dip with Chilli and Honey Oil drizzle is a delicious appetiser or sharing dish combining salty, hot and sweet served with home made pita chips and vegetable crudités. It’s such a quick yet satisfying dish and a recipe you can rely on time and again that makes everyone happy. Perfect forContinue reading “Everything But The Bagel Dip”

Raspberry Ripple Brioche Custard Pudding

My Raspberry Ripple Brioche Custard Pudding is my take on a Bread and Butter Pudding made this time with leftover Brioche burger buns and raspberry compote leftover from a batch I made earlier. “Waste not want not” has made a truly fabulous dessert that is rich and creamy with a sharp sweet edge that isContinue reading “Raspberry Ripple Brioche Custard Pudding”

Easy Chocolate Fudge Cake

Everyone loves a Chocolate Fudge Cake and there are countless recipes claiming to be the best. I’m not going to do that here but I can say this is one of the easiest. I’m a great believer in taking the simplest route to delicious and very often we don’t have hours to create the ultimateContinue reading “Easy Chocolate Fudge Cake”

My Boozy Coffee Sandwich Cake

My Boozy Coffee Sandwich Cake has a good shot of whisky and another generous shot of Baileys Irish Liqueur to take it up the next level. I used an Irish whiskey in the cake and Chocolate Baileys in the buttercream for this treat but whatever brand or type you use will be good. Glayva isContinue reading “My Boozy Coffee Sandwich Cake”

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